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The Christmas Gang’s All Here!


Team Biographies



"This is my tenth year of portraying the wonderful person, St. Nicholas or Santa. I attended the International University of Santa Claus under the mentoring of Santa Tim Connaghan, better known as Santa Hollywood. In 2014, I received my advanced master's degree in SantaClausology on a cruise with 28 Santas on the inside passageway to Alaska and ended the trip at North Pole, Alaska.

I am a member of The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, the Red Suit Society, and Clausnet. I continue to update my education through contact with other Santas from around the world. This is best accomplished through involvement in these fraternal organizations and sharing good ideas with other fraternal members.

I have gone international and in 2015 was the guest of the Jamaica Tourism Board for a meeting about becoming active in Jamaica. I also spent time at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa taking photos with guests and staff. Ho-ho-ho! What a journey so far and so much fun."


Santa's Helper

With all of the fun and excitement at the Santa events, it is great to have a friend like Santa's Helper to stay organized and keep the children and families occupied until they get to visit with Santa. Karen has been a loyal member of the Sioux Falls Santa team since 2010 and has been looking forward to what is in store for the years to come.

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